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Celebrity Tattoo Art Design

Celebrity Tattoo Art DesignCelebrity Tattoo Art Design

Kat Von D Hollywood Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

Κat Von D іs a tattoo artist аnd television personality. Κat Von D іs bеst known for hеr work аs a featured tattoo artist .Οn thе ΤLC reality television ѕhow Μiami Ιnk. A subsequent ΤLC series starring Κat Von D premiered August 7, 2007 іn thе United States + November 11, 2007 іn thе UΚ.

Kat Von D Hollywood Los Angeles Tattoo ArtistKat Von D Hollywood Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

Gangsta style tattoos

Gangsta style tattoos Gangsta style tattoos

Here is a bit about the culture and art of the Tattoo world, mainly gangsta style hard looking tattoos. Don’t worry. This wont hurt a bit.

The latest trend in America are gangsta style tattoos. Tattoos have always been used as a a way to recognize members in a specific gangs. Gang members use tattoos for many different reasons. For one it looks tough and mean. These tattoos may include one or more symbols that has been adopted as something unique to identify its members.

Some will have their name tattooed in large bold letters so that rival members will be intimidated. Such gangsta style tattoos are especially found on gang members who have done some time in prison.

The gangsta style tattoos are done in shades of black and gray only. This style originally came from the prisons of America. It was kind of hard to get colored ink in jail. When several tattooists saw the black and grey work they realized that there was great artistic potential in taking it on and using it in actual tattoo shops and not just prisons. To them, these gansta tattoos are pleasing to the eye or mind. These tattoo artists have developed the refined, detailed style that has become so well known and favored these days.

Lorenzo Mata Tattoo

Lorenzo Mata Tattoo“This is a praying hands and a cross and it says, ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ and it has my mom’s name in the middle. And this one’s an Aztec warrior with some pyramids that actually got added to it. It kind of represents me.

A lot of people talk smack about me and judge me and they don’t even know me. It’s my mom – she’s always been there for me and is still there for me. The cross and the praying hands – just praying for everything that she’s always done because of hard times and everything. ... I got (the tattoo) for my mom. She would always pray for me. I do it all for her.

I’m Mexican and the Aztec warrior – I’m like a warrior on the court and I do whatever it takes to win. ... Aztec warriors, they did everything for their people and I’m doing everything for me and my people – the Mexican people – another role model for them to look up to.

I got this one (of the hands and cross) last summer. And (the Aztec warrior tattoo) I got last summer and I just added the pyramids two weeks ago.

(The warrior tattoo) took five and a half hours because of a lot of detail. Obviously it does hurt. Once you start doing it, it goes numb for awhile. I’m just on my Sidekick the whole time trying to keep my mind off it.

The first (tattoo), my mom was kind of mad but then she was like, ‘Whatever.’ Then she kind of liked it. Then the (warrior tattoo), and it was two weeks, and my mom didn’t know I had it. After that I was like, ‘Might as well just show it to her,’ so I showed it to her. She was mad, obviously. I can’t take them off.

When I got (the first) one, coach Howland, he sounded surprised I got a tattoo. But then he was like, ‘Oh, it’s for your mom.’ Then I got this one and he was like, ‘How many more are you going to get?’ I’m still planning on getting a couple more this summer.

I want to get my initials somewhere and I want to get my other arm. I don’t want to get anything down here (on my forearms). Not yet. Not until I make some money. So when I make some money, I’ll get some down here. Something like a half-sleeve. My mom wouldn’t really like (a full-sleeve tattoo). It kind of hurts. I almost cried when I got it.”

Scorpion Tattoo Style

So you have decided to get a tattoo. You realize that getting a tattoo is a great time once, to stay kind of deal, and you have accepted the consequences of change your mind, and then remove it. So that you can go out and decided to get a scorpion tattoo designs. But before we do so, and here is some information about what exactly does that mean Scorpion Tattoo:

* We all know that the scorpions are nasty little buggers that needles bad alike. One reason perhaps, why people always choose or scorpion tattoo design is to demonstrate to others that they can put up a good fight if forced to, regardless of if they look small.

* Always chosen to all artists tattoo design black color when it comes to tattoo Scorpio seems stronger and more evil. Although in the eyes of God scorpion tattoo color as well; as it gives the design a lighter and feel more feminine look.

Scorpion Tattoo Style* There are a lot of different reasons why people always choose to tattoo scorpion. There are people who go to the tattoo artist and asked design scorpion just signs of the zodiac, and Scorpio. There are people who get it due to the fact that the Scorpions are creatures of fierce courage, and look really hard. Because the main purpose of getting a tattoo is to represent the individual's personality of the Interior, and another reason is that the Scorpions could give rise to many artists, your creativity.

* There are people who go to this particular tattoo design you want to let the world know that it is a kind person who always mean work. But the presence of scorpion tattoos do not always show on the difficult and dangerous. It is a fact, that the Scorpions, by its nature also have a soft side and this is why this design is also popular among women.

Women who prefer a design scorpion tattoo and be the most commonly done on the ankles, or in each of the belly button, which sends the message that they are difficult, but they do not have the feminine side of the softer and more. Men, on the other side is often preferred that the design of scorpion tattoo on the arm or leg, which allows them to send a message of strength to others. And men always likely to go to greater determination to show their manhood.

Scorpion Tattoo Style* It is well known that the Scorpions are almost always live and can be found in the desert areas for a picture scorpion tattoo on a person's body would give the message that they can live through the tough times in their lives, and will always come from the most powerful and one of the survivors. This sends a statement that they can live through the difficult moments and they are perfectly capable of coming through difficult situations and remain strong. Scorpion also symbolizes authority and power can not be stopped by sending a clear message of this size does not concern them.

People get tattoos for many reasons is the design of each meaning. Regardless of the meaning of the tattoo and the reasons behind getting one private, the scorpion tattoo and always will be always be popular among the tattoo art.

Tattoo Style

Tattoo StyleTattoo Style

Tattoo Style

Snake Tattoos

Snake Tattoos

New Sexy Body Dragon Tattoos Design

This tattoo is a tattoo that is very in love by many people, especially for lovers of the tattoo if you want to find a quality tattoo at this blog you will find .. back to the beginning, that this dragon tattoo is a tattoo that has an extremely high power of art you'll like and agree with me that this tattoo is unique and nice please select one of the following picture is ok

Sexy Tattoos Pictures

Sexy Tattoos Pictures

tattoo guns on women's bodies too sexy

come again, the latest picture tattoo gun in bandan sexi and beautiful woman. very cool tattoo photo attached to the body of this sexy woman who has become the world's most popular tattoo pictures.
Beautiful nude young blond woman with large pistol Stock Photo - 4807018

beautiful nude tattooed blond woman on white covering her naked s Stock Photo - 4807015

beautiful young woman with gun tattoo in stockings and suspenders Stock Photo - 4795981

angry young girl making rude sign in fisheye view Stock Photo - 4774367

beautiful young blond topless woman with large pistol Stock Photo - 4795965

beautiful nude blond woman aiming large pistol Stock Photo - 4795963

beautiful nude blonde woman aiming large pistol Stock Photo - 4774369

Beautiful nude young blond woman with large pistol Stock Photo - 4807014

Angel Wing Tattoos For Girls

Great angel wing tattoo ideas.
Angel wings tattoo show that sometimes the most important part of an angel tattoo is the wings. Some people have just the wings with no body of the angel.

Maori Tribal Tattoo-The Significance of Simplicity

maori tribal foot tattoo designmaori tribal arm tattoo designsMaori tribal tattoo is one of its kinds. As a sacred art among the Maori people in New Zealand, Maori tribal tattoos are always drawing attentions of the Maori tribes for each Maori tattoo states designation, status, and occupation.

The traditional Maori tribal tattoo was basically chiseled onto the body by the help of serrated stone chisels or uhi and a special pigment is used to fill in the wounds, leaving a permanent mark on skin in future.

Now-a-days, ink is used for the Maori tribal tattoos. Maori tattoos are worn on face and different parts of the body, including hands, legs, shoulders, back, upper buttock, and thighs.

Super model Vida guerra tattoo designs

Born on January 8, 1980, in Havana, Cuba, Vida along with her family soon moved to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, at the age of 6. Realizing her potentiality, she joined a fashion show in her hometown when she was 18 years old, then appeared in Big Pun's video entitled "New York to New Orleans."vida guerra foot tattoo designsShe continued developing her career as a loan officer, but could not elude herself from modeling since she always looked for any opportunities to be involved in the field.vida guerra wrist tattoo designshe was browsing the website of FHM Magazine, Vida's close friend supported her to send some photographs of herself there. She afterwards posted them to a section of the magazine called "Honey Next Door."

Zoe Saldana arabic tattoo designs

zoe saldana lower tattoo designZoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario was born June 19, 1978, in New Jersey. She was raised in Queens until the age of 10, when her family moved to the Dominican Republic. The nimble and bouncy Zoe was a natural at dancing, and won a scholarship to the Ritmos Espacio de Danza Academy, where she studied ballet, jazz, and modern and Latin dance.zoe saldana arabic tattoo imageAfter her sophomore year of high school, Saldana returned to the U.S. to finish her studies. In New York she joined the educational improv theater group FACES Theater Company, whose skits about drug abuse, domestic violence and sexuality were aimed at teenagers.
zoe saldana henna tattoo designsHer other theater troupe, the New York Youth Theater, put on a hit rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. An agent saw promise in Zoe and signed her on. She premiered to wide audiences in a 1999 episode of Law & Order.

Kellie Pickler foot and wrist tattoo designs

When this perky 19-year-old country singer from North Carolina initially made it to American Idol's top 10 in 2006, judge Simon Cowell predicted she would see the competition through to the end. But despite her all-American good looks, powerhouse voice and harrowing sob story — MIA mom, jailed dad — the bubbly blonde finished sixth.kellie pickler wrist tattoo designAlthough some viewers found her naiveté charming (she routinely mispronounced words and asked the definitions of "calamari," "salmon" and "minx"), many more found Pickler's gaffs downright embarrassing and questioned whether she was only pretending to be a Jessica Simpson-style dimwit. Ultimately, her overwrought and off-pitch vocals got her the boot.kellie pickler foot tattoo designYet even though she didn't even make the top five, she still caught the eye of the entertainment industry, landing a record deal and releasing her first album, the appropriately titled Small Town Girl, in October 2006. In addition, a sitcom based on her persona is reportedly currently in development.
kellie pickler tattoo designs

Foot Tattoos Pictures

The foot is still a rare place to see foot tattoo designs for women, however that is changing and such tattoos often leave a distinct impression to the eye of the beholder. Enlisting an expert tattoo artist for such a job is vital, especially when looking to create a lasting impression. You will want to decide exactly where on the foot the tattoo brings distinction and then have the artist place the tattoo ceremoniously. Once the artist arrives at completion, this is just the beginning. The tattoo will require regular maintenance to retain its luster and it is a necessity to bestow kindness and cleanliness upon your feet, to avoid

Henna Flower Tattoo-In Search of Ecstasy and Fineness

henna tattoo design pictures
henna flower tattoo design images
Henna flower tattoo is an eye-catching tattoo to attract million gazes. Originated in India, Henna has special significance with the marriage – no marriage could start without the henna.

Henna flower tattoo is a special kind as its bonding is not restricted to marriage only; it has gone beyond the nuptial knot. The modern style statement covers henna flower tattoo in different colors and designs on various body-parts, including hands, arms, wrists, shoulders, upper back portions, and different other selected areas.

The present henna flower tattoo is awesome as it states a kind of Indian design. In dark brown, the henna flower tattoo soothes the eyes.

Eliza Dushku tattoo images

Eliza Patricia Dushku was born in the dawn of 1980 on December 30th of that year to a Mormon family in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents are both college professors and she has three older brothers, whom she says used to terrorize her and taught her to become a tomboy, but she must have forgiven them as she still lives with her oldest brother Nate today.At the age of twelve she already proved herself better than every waiter in Los Angeles when she made her way onto the silver screen in the 1992 film, That Night. The film wasn't a box-office smash, but it did lead to a role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 1993's This Boy's Life.

Jamie King tattoo designs

This Omaha-born blonde left her humble beginnings behind when she became a famous fashion model as a teen. Prized for her personality as well as her beauty, King had trouble handling the high life and struggled with an addiction to heroin.
jamie king neck tattoo designAfter her photographer boyfriend died of an overdose in 1997, King cleaned up her act and slowly segued into an acting career by playing supporting parts in a number of features. After brief, high-profile romances with actors and rock stars, King settled down with director Kyle Newman in 2007.
jamie king new arm tattoo designHer film career reached a new level soon after, as she achieved leading-lady status in genre movies like The Spirit (2008) and the 2009 My Bloody Valentine remake.

Body Art Tattoo-Visual Feast

body art tattoo designsfull body art tattoo imageTattoo aficionados are firm about getting good body art tattoos when they think they should allow some more body spaces for tattoo canvas. Body art tattoo normally covers hand, including arm, elbow, and wrist, shoulder, neck, chest, upper-and-lower-back portions, and lower stomach.

So many colorful motifs are there to occupy this large area for body art tattoos. Men and women, both, love to flaunt with body art tattoos. Sometimes, it is a painstaking and time-killing process, and the tattoo enthusiast must be patient before the full body art tattoo is done.

The present body art tattoo in image is a nice example of such kind of tattoo – it eye-catching in nature. Sometimes, the legs are also used.

Keira knightley neck tattoo design

She was born Kiera Knightley on the 22nd of March, 1985, in Teddington, south-west London. Her name would become Keira as her Hollywood career took off, the change shamelessly breaking the golden rule of "I before E except after C" but making the name more easily pronounceable on a worldwide basis.keira knightley fish neck tattoo designHer father was stage actor Will Knightley, who'd make the occasional foray into television, such as starring as Mr Glegg in the BBC's 1997 production of The Mill On The Floss. Her Ayrshire-born mother, Sharman MacDonald, had also been a stage and TV actress (she once appeared in Shoestring).Few actresses enjoy the kind of success Keira Knightley saw in 2003. First, her major picture starring debut, Pirates Of The Caribbean, entered the all-time Top 20 of box-office hits.keira knightley neck letter tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo-Touch of Boldness and Delicacy

black rose tattoo designsblack rose tattoo for girlsAdopted by many anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups throughout the world, the black rose tattoo is a typical example of a presence of delicate rose with the boldness of doing something different.

Black rose tattoo is the balance between softness and boldness as when any kind of nihilist desire is born to step aside. The dark beauty lies within this momentary black rose tattoo to set a pure trust to feel the new look towards life.

It is eye catching on men and women on their arms, wrists, shoulders, necks, legs, and thighs. Black rose tattoo is honoring the past that was sad and somber. The present black rose tattoo on the right upper buttock is simple awesome.


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