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Ugliest Tattoos Women Get

tattoos-womenWoman choose a myriad of tattoos woman from the good to the bad. But the angel tattoo design is one that never works out. One of two things will happen either the tattoo artist will not be skilled enough to carry out the detail of the design, or the person getting the tattoo places it on a body part that should in no wise be tattooed. An angel is basically a portrait tattoo and is at the highest skill level, which is why the majority of angels one sees are ugly tattoos.

Stars have to be exact to work as a tattoo. Each line straight, each corner meeting perfectly. This is rarely the case, more often than not the star tattoos that are seen on the public are poorly done and lop sided. Often star designs that look nice at first upon closer inspection will actual be asymmetrical and off balance.

Cupcake and candy tattoos are a trend many a young lady of late have been following. Often a pink cupcake will be placed on the top of the foot in an attempt to look girlish. More often than not these simplistic tattoo designs, meant to cash in on a younger tattoo clientele, leave the wearing feeling flat.

Not so much ugly as utterly played out is the skull tattoo with a pink bow on the head.Again this is a design one will often find placed on the foot. At some point young ladies quit looking for cute tattoos and started seeking out tattoos similar to there male friends, this has led to females with skull tattoos and other unflattering images (B A).

Japanese Tattoo Koi Fish

Japanese Tattoo Koi FishJapanese Tattoo Koi Fish (1)

Japanese Tattoo Koi FishJapanese Tattoo Koi Fish (2)

Japanese Tattoo Koi FishJapanese Tattoo Koi Fish (3)

Japanese Tattoo Koi FishJapanese Tattoo Koi Fish (4)

Japanese Tattoo Koi FishJapanese Tattoo Koi Fish (5)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body ManJapanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man (1)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body ManJapanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man (2)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body ManJapanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man (3)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body ManJapanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man (4)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body ManJapanese Tattoo Gallery on Back Body Man (5)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (1)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (2)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (3)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (4)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (5)

Japanese Tattoo Gallery  with Tribal MaleJapanese Tattoo Gallery with Tribal Male (6)

All About Back Tattoos

tattoosWhen it comes to both privacy and pride, no tattooable area is quite as versatile as the back. If you're the kind of person that's a bit shy about having a tattoo for all to see, you can cover your back tattoos by simply putting on a shirt or a blouse, but if you're a bit of the body proud type a back tattoo is perfect for putting your style and your decorated physique on display.

Consider Size Placement

Those tattoos lend themselves well to flattering you back. Because your back isn't just a flat space, there are so many possibilities; The shoulder blades can be emphasized by a tattoo design, the curve of the spine can be played up, back tattoos can mirror each other on either side to create a surreal effect or you can have a tattoo design stretching from one shoulder to the other to draw attention to their width and/or shape and the lower back; the most prefere tattoo location for the ladies.

The back tattoos you choose don't have to be all one tattoo or one kind either as long as they look attractive together. You can get one that are reminiscent of scenes in a favourite story of yours, or you can combine them such as flowers, tribal patterns and symbols or animals to make up a complex ensemble or even have a collage created with several tattoos overlapping each other in an interesting way. The only thing you need to keep in mind here about back tattoos is that where certain elements are along with the kinds of clothes that you plan on wearing will have an effect on how your back tattoos will be seen. Short tops, off shoulder shirts or V-back cuts, low rise pants, things like that will have your back tattoos peeping out to wink at anyone who might happen to notice the art your wearing so you kind of want to think about what they'll be seeing there.

Play with the surface

The back is a rather special place to get a tattoo because unlike anywhere else on the body it provides a large enough canvas to have a landscape scene depicted on it as well as any elaborate combination of tattoos or even a sizable graphic design that you might like to have. There's also a great freedom of choice when getting back tattoos because if you need to hide your tattoo you can.

Don't forget Healing time

The last thing you need to be mindful of is the healing. Think about your job, if you happen to have an office job you have to realize that it won't be great for your tattoos healing process. A back tattoo won't heal well if you've got to sit back in a chair with your fresh tattoo pressed up against it. Also if you've got to go every hour or so to the bathroom to wash it up and put medicine on it that can be more trouble than you want to put up with but don't drop the idea of getting your back tattoos. Just wait till your vacation time and you'll be able to take it easy and let your tattoo heal up stress free while you're out and about having a good time (J H).

Hot Foot, Neck and Side Designs That Are Feminine and Sexy

tattoos-for-girlsIf you are looking for something that is new, feminine, cute and sexy all at the same time then you will have to check out these super popular and hot trends in tattoo designs. These are some of the top most requested and hottest trends and ideas in feminine tattoo designs and tattoos for girls. These will ideally spark your own ideas and get your own creative thoughts going so you can make a unique tattoo design of your own.

Hot Foot Tattoo Designs
Foot tattoos have long been very popular items. It used to be the ankle tattoo that was all the rage but slowly over time women starting moving down to the top of the foot and now that is one of the most often requested and popular design locations for a tattoo. Things such as stars, flowers, fairies and angels can all work very well as foot tattoos.

Neck Tattoos For Women
Neck tattoos were more traditional reserved for men but these days more and more women are getting neck tattoos. However men most often get them on the side or the front of the next where as women tend to get them on the back of the neck or the area called the nape of the neck. This is a small little and delicate area to get a tattoo design done and therefore your tattoo should match. A beautiful ribbon or small cluster of stars or flowers would work perfectly in this area. Something small, delicate and feminine looks incredible sexy in this area.

Side Tattoos For Girls
This has been hit on as one of the most popular feminine tattoos right now in other articles but we can't say enough about side and hip tattoos. These are some of the greatest and definitely most sexy locations for a tattoo design that is out there currently. The side tattoo can feature a variety of designs but most often flowers, stars, and words are some of the most popular ideas.

As you can see there are many different locations on the body that a women can get a tattoo and these are just three of the most popular ideas and locations currently out there. If one sparks your interest then do some further research and find other designs in this same location. Often searching online for tattoo designs can be frustrating if you are trying to just copy the exact design you find. Instead fif you can find pictures and design ideas as resources and then work with a professional tattoo artist to take in all of your idea and tweak it to the final design you want you will end up much happier with the final result (C R).

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women (1)

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for WomenJapanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women (2)

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for WomenJapanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women (3)
Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for WomenJapanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women (4)

Japanese Tattoo Sexy Body for WomenJapanese Tattoo Sexy Body for Women (5)

Tattoo News Review

jondix tattoo.jpgTons of tattoo stories topped the headlines, and I've trolled through them all to bring ya the good, bad and the whatthefuck.

N+S keeps our focus on stellar tattoo art, like this fresh work from Jondix in Spain (who's part of my upcoming Black Tattoo Art book); however, we will on occasion link to examples of the WTF if only to feel a sense of unbridled tattoo superiority. And so, behold COED Mag's What Were They Thinking gallery.

Many of the tattoos shown are featured the book No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever but there are some new gems like the Hasselhoff Ode and Chris Farley memorial tattoo. Looking at them, I feel better about myself already. And that is the power of tattoo. [Thanks, Father Panik, for the boobies COED tattoo link.]

UFC's Alan Belcher did not make the WTF list with his deformed Johnny Cash portrait tattoo.

As for the bad ...

I really don't know what's worse: Canada's CTA excessive use of "tramp stamp" in a removal story (and quoting a doc who says women can't get epidurals because of them -- not true) or starting off the article with reference to some shmuck who wanted a corkscrew tattoo removed from his penis. CTA did get the title right though -- Laser treatment is not quick fix. For stupid.

Then there's this going-to hell-bad: Texas Man Sought for Unpaid Bill for God Tattoo.

And the badass...

yakuza tattoo.jpgBurn Magazine's Eye of the Beholder story/photo by Anton Kusters who is documenting a Yakuza family in Kabukicho, Japan. One of our faves, Susanah Breslin, has been guest blogging for Boing Boing and included this powerful image in her collection of wondrous things.

This one is pretty wondrous to me ... "Man resurrects friend's ashes into tattoo." Granted, this isn't the first time I've heard stories like this but I always get goosebumps at the thought of actually wearing a loved one in my skin. I think it's a beautiful tribute but I wonder if anything else gets carried over in the ash. Just sayin.

In good news ...

Reuters reports that there are less Iraqis getting tattoos used to ID their bodies, and instead are opting for artful ink. In 2005 and 2006, I blogged, on, stories of how many caught in the mission-accomplished zone were getting identifying information tattooed on various limbs in case they were mutilated. One Bagdad tattoo artist said that, while many young men today are coming in for motifs like dragons and tigers instead of their names and addresses, he still keeps a low profile "for fear of being attacked by extremists who see his work as being prohibited by Islam or too Westernized."

A couple seeking to open a tattoo studio in Tempe, Arizona who had their business permit revoked won the right to open up shop, again. The city had appealed a court ruling in favor of the couple but to no avail. When will cities learn to stop wasting money on these suits and allow studios to open, thereby bringing more money into city tax coffers?

In celeb tattoo news ...

The LA Times reports that High Voltage tattoo, featured on the reality show LA Ink, is now a top tourist destination along with Kim Kardashian's clothing stores and The Hill's hot spots. The article says, "The manager of High Voltage Tattoo estimates that 90% of its customers are fans of the TV show." So I guess that makes only 10% serious tattoo collectors?

I'm no hater, but I'm not lovin the show either, especially after reading in Inked Mag that top tattooists Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh won't be returning to the show because of their lack of drama. I prefer my artists drama-free, thanks, and if they have more time for yoga practice before opening up my skin, well, the better. [Although a faux Aitchison/Saigh lesbian relationship would've been a hot episode.]

The new season will get plenty of drama with the addition of Rock of Love hot mess Aubry Fisher.

margaret cho unzipped.jpgBy the way Kim's new Vans are out. Nice.

Also check Margaret Cho's tattoolicious cover for Unzipped [a gay adult industry mag is obvs NSFW]. Her new show Drop Dead Diva premiered this week and is a comedy with body image as its central theme, one not uncommon to heavily tattooed peeps. I loved it.

Ashley Tisdale got a tattoo. Yeah, I don't care either.

Another autograph tattoo, this time, Paul McCartney. Let it Be Bleed.

Cameron Diaz sports a faux tattoo on V Mag in her tribute cover to Madonna.

Yakuza Tattoo 1 - Japanese Tattoos

Yakuza Tattoo 1 - Japanese  TattoosYakuza Tattoo 1 - Japanese Tattoos

Yakuza Tattoos come in different styles and forms

Yakuza tattoos come in different styles and forms. They are often done in colored inks and their designs make bold statements. Yakuza tattoos are often placed in body spots that are often exposed for the entire world to see. You can often see them on their hands, arms, chest and necks. Because of the relation of Yakuza to tattoos, you cannot blame a normal Japanese to be afraid and slightly frightened of some people with large and daring tattoos. It is common for heavily tattooed people to be banned in public and some exclusive hotels. Yakuza is known to tattoo their own members. If you see a black ring around an arm of a Yakuza, this can stand for the number of crimes he committed.

Yakuza TattooYakuza Tattoo

Yakuza TattooYakuza Tattoo

Yakuza TattooYakuza Tattoo

Yakuza TattooYakuza Tattoo

Yakuza Japanese Tattoo Style in Greenpeace ad

Greenpeace commissioned these print ads to depict richly decorated tattoos on Japanese men. Look closely and you’ll see whales being butchered by the different characters.

The tagline for these images are “Not all traditions deserve to be preserved. Put an end to whaling in Japan.




Via I Believe in Advertising

Yakuza Tattoos

yakuza tatto

Japanese Women Tattoos

Japanese Women Tattoos

tattoo yakuza

tattoo yakuzatattoo yakuza

tattoo yakuzatattoo yakuza

tattoo yakuzatattoo yakuza

tattoo yakuzatattoo yakuza

tattoo yakuzatattoo yakuza

There are several types of tattoo designs in the world. However, among the many types of designs available, the most popular are probably Japanese tattoo designs. As a matter of fact, Japanese tattoos are recognized and are used not only by the Japanese but by people all over the world. What is the reason for this? Why did these designs receive such a huge welcome from the international community? What are the characteristics of these fantastic tattoos that make them so popular?


Japanese tattoo designs are very artistic. Most of these designs are very colorful and fluid, making them generally more appealing than other designs. Also, each design is usually made up of more than a single element woven together by intricate patterns of lines, transforming the tattoo into one elaborate painting on the skin.

For example, in more common Japanese designs such as the ones featuring Japanese koi fishes, tattoo masters already use more than six colors to finish the whole picture. This number just continues to go up as the intricacy of the patterns increases.


Japanese tattoo designs are rich in symbolism. This is because the art of Japanese tattooing is backed up by centuries of culture and tradition. Since the Japanese have such high regard for nature and spirituality, they often associate different creatures and places with deep spiritual meanings. This spirituality is what transforms their ink and design into works that embody or symbolize several things.

This is also why certain creatures, especially the more revered ones like the dragon, the tiger, and the Koi fish often make their way into the heart of most Japanese designs. The Japanese hold a special meaning for these creatures which is why they are often used in tattoo designs.

Powerful and Striking

These designs emit a sense of power, so much so that the body where the tattoo is placed on almost disappears instantly behind the picture. The mix of form, color and intricate patterns draws attention unlike any other type of tattoo design. This is also why these designs take much longer to complete than others. The details that come into assembling each design make these designs extremely powerful and alluring.

In contrast to other designs which clearly look and feel like ornamental accessories on the skin, Japanese tattoos are meant to stand out.


The more popular Japanese tattoo designs span the length of almost the entire body. Some of the best and most well known patterns can cover the whole back from the thighs all the way to the shoulders. Some even go all the way to the front reaching and covering the more sensitive areas of the breast, the collar bone, as well the crotch. Can you imagine the pain that these people had to endure just to get a Japanese tattoo?

According to Yoshihito Nakano, a well-known Japanese tattoo master, some of his tattoo designs are so expansive that it even takes him two years to complete.

Yakuza Tattoo in japan

Japanese Snake Tattoo

Japanese Snake Tattoo - Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos -Yakuza Style




leg tattoo designs for girls

leg tattoo girls
flower tattoo designs for leg tattoo girls

This is beautiful! I am all for color so I say go for it. Your skin seems to take color beautifully! It's a great tat, can't wait to see what you add to it :)

arabic name tattoo designs

nam,e tattoo designs

In the case of tattoo designs, we also offer optional instructions to the tattooist on how to correctly reproduce the translations in the original script. We can also arrange personal names into seal-style folded script, as seen below on the left.

name tattoo designs

best girls tattoo designs

girls tattoos designs

There's no doubt that young celebrity obsession with tattoos has helped to fuel the incredible growth in the industry over the last 10 years. Suddenly it became ok to express oneself in a whole new way, and the trend does not seem to be showing signs of diminishing anytime soon. Here are the top 3 female celebrity tattoos that helped the art go mainstream.

1. Angelina Jolie: Long before she met Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was using her sinewy left arm to signal her love for her then-inamorata Billy Bob Thornton. Along with his name, she included a dragon for good measure. That a main stream actress would be comfortable tattooing herself made it ok for anyone to do it. Since then, she has moved on to other interests: thank goodness for tattoo removal! In that same spot she is currently sporting the coordinates for the birth places of her children. No doubt about it: Angelina started it all!

2. Melanie Griffith: Though she has not been an A-list actress for many years, Melanie Griffith attracted the public's attention by being the first middle-aged female celebrity to get a brand new tattoo. Like many of her contemporaries, she chose to express her love for her husband Antonio Banderas with a design that included his name set in a retro-shaped heart. Miss Griffith showed that tattoos were not just for the very young.

3. Eve: This rap goddess has long sported a feline paw print on each of her breasts. They are not "in your face" tattoos: rather, they have an airy, wispy look that is subtle and extremely feminine. The influence of Eve's choice is evident in the many who have since copied her trademark look.

If you are considering getting a new tattoo this year, be sure to have it done by a professional who insists on using the very best tattoo machines: the results will be well worth it.


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