Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tribal Tattoos for Men

searching high and low for the best tribal tattoos for men but haven't seen any design that really caught your eye? Maybe you've found a tribal design you kinda like but it looks a little generic.

You want something to grab the attention of nearly everyone around you, right?

Unique Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are growing in popularity. They are all about traditions that mark a person as a member of a group, hence the name tribal. Tribal tattoos also express spiritual, magical or religious beliefs.

Tribal tattoos go back many thousands of years. Tribes and families used their tattoos as a means of identification. Modern tribal tattoos exist mainly of bold black lines based on Polynesian tattoo patterns.

These days tribal tattoos are a little less tribal because everyone wants a unique tattoo design. There are a few options when it comes to finding your own unique tribal tattoo design. You can find them here.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs, when designed well, look absolutely stunning. The intricate patterns and weaves of these ancient tattoos date back to the 1st and 2nd century. Put simply, they look absolutely stunning.

After looking at many Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs, I have come to the conclusion that these tattoos symbolise everything a tattoo should represent. If you have any knowledge of Celtic art, or have Celtic background, you will know that the history of these designs is rich and definitive.

If you are interested in Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs, then read on, as I will outline the best way to make your dream tattoo a reality!

Tribal Tattoo Designs and Tribal Tattoo Flash

Tribal Tattoo Designs and Tribal Tattoo Flash

Native American Tattoo

Native American Tattoo Pictures 01

Collection of Native American inspired tattoo pictures. Tattoos were often used for identification by Native American Indians. Tribal tattoos were also used to give praise, powers or protection. Typical Native American tattoos include eagles, snakes, bears, feathers, mythical creatures and the such.

Native American Tattoo Pictures 04

Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

Most tattoo designs come from the ideas of creative tattoo artists that have made the art of tattooing their lifetime passion. One of the most common tattoo designs are those tribal tattoos.

It seems this style is so popular that you see it inked on almost everyone whether they're new to tattooing or faithful veterans. With it being one of the most common ink designs, there are a TON of tribal tattoo design ideas always available online.

tribal dragon


tribal dragon tattoo

angel tatto

angels tattoos design
angels tattoos design
angels tattoos design

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Geisha Tattoo

Geisha TattooGeisha Tattoo
Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo
Geisha Tattoo

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

There are all kinds of tribal tattoos. A few of the most well known are the tribal Maori tattoos, tribal Polynesian tattoos, tribal Marquesan tattoo, Borneo tattoo, but also the Haida style of the North American Indians or the Borneo head-hunter style from Sarawak Malaysia.
The tattoos on the right are Polynesian tattoos.

Tribal Wrist Tattoo

tribal wrist tattoo is characterized by strong angles, gentle curves and flamy endings. The design of these tattoos resembles both power and elegance.

Tribal Tattoo Lettering

Tribal arm tattoo

The tribal arm tattoo has always been a popular tattoo.

Butterfly Art Tattoo Sponsored by Mansur Caem