Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rose Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Getting a rose tattoo is cool. Aside from the fact that roses are among the most exquisite, beautiful, interesting and popular tattoo designs, it would be thrilling to know that roses are rich in symbolism. Whether the tattoo is a big one or a small one, for sure, a rose would always be an eye catcher. Men and women both prefer to have rose tattoos. It is interesting to note that despite its floral and feminine nature, the rose tattoo design is popular among men. Take note that men wearing rose tattoos do not have to be gay. A great number of straight guys also decide to have a rose marked on their skin.

Among the most usual and logical reasons why roses are popular is its overall beautiful and interesting design. Roses are interesting flowers, and as such are always good to look at. Rose tattoos often come with colorful color schemes. There may be hues and shades of read and some green parts. The tattoo design is so colorful and is almost always artistically done and implemented. The tattoo is also fun to look at and is often taken as a personal symbolism. Roses for tattoo fanatics mean liveliness and eagerness for specific life factors. The traditional symbolism is love and devotion, though now those symbolisms are becoming negligible.

A tattoo design can easily be personalized. Often, you can see rose tattoos bearing personal names. Men would readily have the names of their wives or girlfriends embossed and integrated in a rose design. The tattoo design itself, without any letters or names, is a sufficient symbolism and representation itself of romance and love. Thus, it is easy and logical to infer that a person getting a rose tattoo is romantically inclined and is a believer of the power of love.

Most of all, rose tattoos are among the most popular. You know how people would always be prepared to jump into bandwagons. The examples set by celebrities and icons also further bolster the popularity of the tattoo design. A rose is hardly related to femininity despite its floral nature. Thus, people still see a sense of mystery for reasons why people would prefer to get the simple, yet attractive rose tattoos on their skin. If you aim to get a tattoo now, consider having a rose design made and find out for yourself why such a choice is always satisfying.


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