Tuesday, January 15, 2008

amazing tattoos

Check out this firefighter tattoo website that is incredible.

Unfortunatly I did not find anything remotely similar for Law Enforcement. Just a few here and there. This one above was under "patriotic" on a regular gallery. I know there are plenty of cops getting work related tattoos. I've even seen a few of them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surfing for tattoos

Check out the awesome tattoo blog I ran across. It will keep you busy for a few hours for sure. (It did me.) http://www.tao-of-tattoos.com/tattoo-designs-blog.html

Not that I need any more ideas. My list so far for the possible future includes:

Star constellations added above The Lion King tat. (to represent the family and my love for stargazing)

Re-coloring and re-doing my heart wings. (a tat facelift so to speak)

The USMC blood stripe with the words Semper Fidelis (in red) down my right leg.

Something with Aslan. (Combines my thing for God with a beautiful animal.)

I am toying with a Disney themed dog tat on a leg. Trying to work out the details in my head. It would take multiple sessions as I have it in my head thus far.

Joan of Arc. (Mixes faith with armor and strong women)

A celtic tat, either a Pat fish design or something in gaelic.

I would love to have a half sleeve on one arm. Something beautiful, colorful and timeless. Perhaps a repro of some artwork I admire.

I also have a weird scar on my collarbone from a surgery that I would love to either get covered or get something opposite of to distract from it. (busted during judo-needed a plate to put humpty dumpty back together)

Hubby isn't nearly as jazzed about all my tat ideas. Especially the half sleeve. He prefers tats on women only be in specific places. Or should I say HIS woman. No arms, necks, or breast work. That only leaves my legs, and back as most of my remaining canvas. Considering the time they take, the pain they cause during the process, and the costs involved, I would say he is safe from me running out to get a full body job anytime soon. Good thing though. (Though if I looked like this
I'm sure he wouldn't give a crap.) VBG

simbol tattoo

Here is another site that is worthwile the time.

Butterfly Art Tattoo Sponsored by Mansur Caem